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06/09/2010 / tbechtx



06/06/2010 / tbechtx

Grey Matter Bits #2

06/05/2010 / tbechtx

Grey Matter Bits #1

06/04/2010 / tbechtx

A New Adventure Begins….

Hi, I have always been somewhat of a creative person and when I was a squirt I used to draw comics. I was always inspired by my comic hero, Gary Larson and his magnificent creation, “The Far Side”.  Somewhere in raising a family, going to work for “the man” everyday I forgot (and had no time)  how much enjoyment I derived from creating and drawing my comic.  The drawing is such fun but, also coming up with that funny, ironic, satirical or twisted comic moment is just as fun and to me, much more of a challenge.  I will post a new cartoon here as fast as I can pump them out to the point of hopefully doing it daily.  I am a little rusty and it might take me a little while to get back on the pony but not too long.

I have purchased a Wacom-Bamboo digital tablet so I can create my comic totally digitally if I so choose. I am somewhat of a romantic though so I will probably do the original in pencil and paper and trace it into the computer on my board. I hope you will find my characters and stories amusing because, after all, it wouldn’t be much fun if only I am amused!

Cheers ~Tom.

05/31/2010 / tbechtx

Hello world!

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