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07/12/2010 / tbechtx

Family Photo Memories…

Top Chop!
Junior’s first kill at “Hunt it Together Safari”, $500
New camera to preserve the memories, $350
Moms, gift of capturing the moment for all eternity, Priceless!

07/08/2010 / tbechtx

Predator Hunting Accessories

New! Limited Time Only!

Must Have Hunting Accessories for "the state of the art" predator.

07/06/2010 / tbechtx

There Goes the Neighborhood!

There Goes the Neighborhood!

As Jean watched, what looked like a carnivore move in next door, she wondered….
“Could this be the beginning of the end of the neighborhood?!

06/28/2010 / tbechtx

GMB #7 Bad Customer Service = Destruction?

Little did Bobby suspect that  the customer he forgot to give fries for combo #2 in the drive thru

was in fact, Godzilla.

06/22/2010 / tbechtx

GMB #6 Kids will be Kids

Dino DayCare

Kids Will Be Kids

06/16/2010 / tbechtx

GMB#5 Let the Destruction begin…..

(c) TWB 2010

06/11/2010 / tbechtx

Grey Matter Bits #4